Sandplay Therapy

In Sandplay Therapy, the client produces a series of images of an imaginary world using objects, figures and formations within the confines of a sand tray. Through these images, the process of individuation described by C. G. Jung is stimulated and brought to fruition.
The client is encouraged to make whatever he or she likes in the tray and no further instructions are given. As the client works in the tray, the therapist is a close observer of the process and creates a free and protected space and therefore supports and contains the healing and psychic development process of the client.

Sandplay Therapy allows the client to go beyond the limits of the conscious mind in order to access channels to a fuller and healthier living.

Sandplay Therapy is a psychotherapeutic tool that has his roots in early twentieth century. Dora M. Kalff, a psychotherapist from Switzerland developed Sandtray Therapy by combining the analytic psychology of C.G. Jung, the World Technique of Margaret Lowenfeld and Eastern thought and philosophy.

Although Sandplay Therapy was originally developed for work with children, it quickly became evident that this form of non-verbal therapy was very effective for adults too.